About Us

About Us

Why we do what we do

Even in today’s era of the internet where information can be easily found with a click, consumers are still finding it hard to find a decent supplier for their car parts at Auckland and whole of New Zealand. Know someone or even yourself whom spent hours calling different shops, multiple trips to the shops or going back to the dealer, where you’ll be lucky to get a good price? We have also been through such tiresome experience and wondered why there was no site that helps Kiwis to easily find the car parts they need and get a fair price for it. We believe that everyone deserves better. Hence, we decided to take matters into our own hands and custom build a site to address this issue. Why? Because we believe that everyone should be able to buy the car parts they require faster and with confidence.

How do we do it

When it comes to finding and buying your car parts online, there are a number of factors that influence which supplier you purchase from. Do you know if you are getting a competitive price? Does the supplier have the parts you need? Are the parts of good quality? And critically – is the supplier trustworthy? The problems are it’s time consuming to ask around and the information required by consumers to make their choices is scattered and irregular. Enter Auto Chain, an online marketplace that places trusted New Zealand auto parts suppliers in one place. From everyday kiwis to mechanics and panel beaters, Auto Chain simple web-based software will make locating the correct part nationwide easier and faster.

What we do

Our vision is to create the ultimate tool for buying quality auto parts, from new, used and aftermarket, Auto Chain is here to help stream line the process.