How to Buy Car Parts on the Internet: Your Complete Guide

Buy Car Parts On The Internet

Are you looking to buy car parts on the internet?

It’s true that e-commerce is driving the auto-industry. You can find everything from lightly used tires to a brand-new Maserati in under ten seconds. And have it delivered to your door within a week.

The question isn’t whether what you want is available. The question is how to do it quickly, efficiently, and without being cheated. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult process.

The sections below outline the steps you’ll need to take to get ahold of the parts you want. Read on.

To Buy Car Parts on the Internet

The convenience of online services have made deliveries an everyday occurrence. We now rely on deliveries of clothes, food, and even auto parts to our front doors. Gone are the days we rushed down to our local auto parts store for a purchase.

Online shopping has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. You can now buy your parts for a lower cost than from your local store, shipping included. And the wholesaler may be hundreds of miles away.

Delivery services, such as FedEx and DHL take the rest of the hassle out of it. They deliver to every location on the planet. So, you can order your car parts online one morning, and have them in your garage by the following.

Unfortunately, with the benefits come a few drawbacks. The largest is that you’ll have to do some of the research yourself. That includes making sure the site you deal with is reputable.

Figuring Out the Name of Your Part

The first step in your research will take you to or another car part database. Now, the reason to head to this site isn’t to buy your car parts, but rather track down the name and number of your part(s). These enormous databases make it easy to track down the exact name and number of the part you’re looking for.

When you have those, you can head to another site to buy your part.

Whether you’re buying Nissan PartsToyota Parts, or Lamborghini parts, it doesn’t matter. With cheap cars or expensive cars, you can find the parts online. The question is who to buy from.

There are two trains of thought here. The first is to go the cheapest route. For many of you, that means TradeMe or eBay.

Yes, they sell auto parts along with everything else. The biggest problem with eBay is you’re never certain what you’re going to get. You’ll probably get the new part you need. But there’s a possibility you could end up with an older part that’s been cleaned up to look like new.

That could be a major issue if the part is known to wear out from regular use.

Another option is to buy from reputable sources. Yes, sometimes you can do this on eBay. You can also do it on websites of auto manufacturers, auto parts stores or auto parts manufacturers.

When you finish there, you still have some choices to make. Continue following the steps in the next sections.

Choose OEM or Aftermarket Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are made for and by the manufacturer of a vehicle. Aftermarket parts are similar but made by a different manufacturer. Some are notoriously finicky, but most work just fine.

If you don’t know much about the part you’re installing, it’ll be worth your while to do a little research to make sure an aftermarket part works as well as the OEM. If you don’t want to do the research, it’s safer to just go with the OEM even though they’re more expensive.

A Cautionary Note for Used Parts

If you’re searching for used parts, you’ll find dozens if not hundreds of resources. The most common of which is TradeMe. Yes, this sight can be wonderful and inexpensive.

Unfortunately, there are scam artists and they come in all shapes and sizes. This is a common problem in many similar websites. Here are a few ways to avoid getting scammed:

  • Don’t pay anyone you haven’t met in person
  • Never wire funds
  • Don’t accept money orders
  • Don’t accept cashier/certified checks
  • Never give out personal financial information

If something seems off, it probably is. These kinds of sites are not geared toward the automobile industry, and they don’t have built-in safety protocols. Just be cautious.

Secure Methods of Transaction

You must take security into account when you make your online purchase. Online e-commerce stores use encryption to protect personal information from hackers. You’ll see a little icon in the search bar when you go to pay that’ll show you the site is encrypted.

That’s one safe route.

If you’re using TradeMe or some other used parts website, you may want to make use of payment methods such as Ping or PayPal. These type of payment methods usually have buyer protection policies.

That way, a scam artist won’t have access to your personal credit card information. Also, make sure you avoid using bank transfers and money orders. You won’t have any means of getting your money back if you run into problems.

Track Your Package

Yes, it’s convenient to know when your package will arrive, but that’s not the reason we bring this up. It’s another means of making certain you’re not being conned.

Whether you buy from a large business or a private owner, ask for the tracking details. It’ll keep you current on the status of your package, and ensure they actually sent it. Remember, sometimes it can take weeks for a package to arrive, especially from an international location.

During that time, you’ll know it’s the mail. If it’s not, you can take legal actions.

What’s Next?

Now you can buy car parts on the internet like an expert. Just follow the steps above and keep your eyes peeled for scams. Remember, the best way to stay safe is purchase from a reputable dealer.

If you want to learn more, take five minutes to browse our library of other articles on car parts and DIY repairs.

So long and good luck!

12 Feb 2019