Pros and Cons of Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

The global car market has exploded in the last decade with economies from China and the United States collectively putting nearly 40 million new cars on the road every year.

New Zealand is nowhere near this car-craze with its car sales and registrations exceeding one million per year.

More cars on the road means more DIY repairers, wreckers, and dealers looking for cost-effective ways to source parts and get the most out of the vehicles they manage.

That process of sourcing parts leads us to a commonly asked question which is going to be the focus of our article...

"Should I buy aftermarket auto parts?"

Our team at AutoChain are massive proponents of aftermarket parts but acknowledge that purchasing them can come with a few concerns.

To better inform you on whether or not aftermarket auto parts are the way to go, below, we break down their pros and cons!

The Pros of Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

More tinkerers, dealerships, and wreckers are flocking towards the aftermarket when they need to source auto parts. Why?

Here are some of the top reasons.

Aftermarket Parts Save You Money

OEM parts love to charge premiums for the brand they're throwing on the part. If you're not big on paying for brands then you can save a lot by opting for aftermarket auto parts.

Not only can aftermarket parts charge less because the companies that produce them are a lot leaner than major auto part makers but fierce competition in the aftermarket space leads to further price cuts.

There's a Wide Selection to Pick From

When you are looking for OEM parts, there is one of everything. When you buy aftermarket auto parts there's a virtually unlimited amount of choices.

That big selection not only allows for the meeting of custom needs you may have but it also makes it more likely that car part dealers will have some iteration of the part you need on hand.

Easier To Buy

Some OEMs only sell their auto parts through authorized dealers that work with their brand. That can make picking up the part you need difficult if you're not situated near an authorized dealer.

Aftermarket parts are non-exclusive in who they allow to sell their products. Because of that, you have a much better chance of finding the aftermarket part you need at your local auto parts store or online than you will have of finding the OEM iteration of the part you need.


While lack of quality is commonly cited as a drawback of aftermarket parts, in our experience, given the competition within the aftermarket space, parts makers have upped their product quality significantly.

We're confident that you can get an aftermarket part that is every bit as good as an OEM part so long as you buy from the right seller and purchase the right brand.

The Cons of Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

Are there drawbacks to buying aftermarket auto parts? In some cases. 

If you know where to look though, just about every drawback of aftermarket parts can be circumvented.

Still, in the spirit of disclosure, below are some commonly cited drawbacks when buying aftermarket auto parts.


People say that you can be sure you'll get a good quality part when you buy from an OEM but it's a toss-up when you buy from the aftermarket. While it's true that some aftermarket auto parts are not of high quality there are still excellent aftermarket products that can give you the quality you're looking for.

Yes, you do enjoy a degree of quality assurance when you buy an OEM part. But you can get that same assurance when you shop smart in the aftermarket.

Choice Overload

While some people see the vast array of choices in aftermarket car parts as a blessing, others view it as a curse. After all, with all of those choices, how do you know what to buy?

This is where working with a good parts seller is advantageous. When you're buying from experts, they can help guide you through your choices and help you land on the best car parts at the best prices.


OEM parts carry solid warranties and make claiming them simple since you can usually just take your car into an authorized dealer and they'll immediately replace any warranty-covered parts.

That's not to say that aftermarket parts don't come with a warranty. When you buy from reputable aftermarket brands, you can find parts that are covered with warranties that are for the same length as their OEM counterparts.

While the claims process for aftermarket warranties may be a little more involved given that most won't have a brick-and-mortar location you can go to, you can still have peace of mind knowing your purchases are protected.

Wrapping Up Pros and Cons of Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

There's a lot to think about when buying aftermarket parts but ultimately between their lower cost, comparable quality, and outstanding options, we think aftermarket auto parts are the way to go.

So where can you easily buy high-quality aftermarket auto parts and get outstanding customer service so you can get all of your questions answered fast?

Your best bet in New Zealand is to use AutoChain.

At AutoChain, we make it easy to find parts. All you have to do is enter your car's details and auto parts that you are looking for. We'll send quotes from suppliers straight to you and you just need to select the quote that is right for you.

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26 Nov 2018