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With over hundreds of parts supplier in New Zealand, have you ever wondered how you can make your business stand out? Modern digital advertising can be a stumbling block for businesses if you don’t exactly know how to get the best out of it and you could be getting lost in the noise (whilst paying highly for it). Thousands of dollars spend but with little or no success in returns, sounds familiar?

With Auto Chain, the aim is simple. We help you find new customers and grow your business.

How can we help your business?

Reach more customers online

Auto Chain main focus is to attract customers whom are looking for car parts online hence helping you increase revenue.

Source Among Each Other

Auto Chain will also give you an easy tool to find automotive parts and obtain competitive quotes fast from other suppliers on our network.

Be Rewarded For Your Ratings

Every supplier on Auto Chain will be rated out of 5 stars by the customers themselves in different categories. A great review gives you credibility with potential customers.

More reason to sign up with Auto Chain

Sill thinking? Here are more reasons for you to join us.
  • Platform was built with one thing in mind, ease of use thus increasing your work productivity.
  • No repair allowance given which increases your profitability.
  • Customer car details are obtained from NZTA database hence giving you quality information.
  • Response to part requests that suits you.
  • Communicate easily with customers through our online chat system.
  • Strengthen your online presence with our review system and your own business profile.
On top of all the above benefits, as part of our supplier network we will also provide you with
  • A forum feature where you can post credit check requests, business notifications, general discussion topics,just to name a few.
  • An easy way to contact each other through our chat system.

How does it work? Simple as making coffee for smoko!

Setup your profile

Tell us about your business so that we can showcase you in your own profile page and also match you with the right customer.

Receive part request

You will be notified of new part requests through the website which you can choose to provide a quote or not.

Receive rave review

Complete the sales and receive rave reviews by the customer for your effort.

How about that supplier’s parts locator tool? Three easy steps

Enter the details

Tell us the car details and parts you are looking for.

Receive your quotes

We’ll send quotes from other suppliers within our network straight to you.

Compare suppliers

Select the received quote that’s right for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Access to essentially an online tool with multiple features to increase productivity and profitability of your business, Auto Chain only charges a monthly fee. And a commission for each quote accepted by the customer via the website. Commission does not apply to the supplier’s portal parts request tool. However the site is currently free, so do sign up now and let us show you the value you will gain through the Auto Chain platform.

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